Let me introduce myself and this blog, this blog is for those work but prefer to game/live, those who have to grind through traffic and a 9-5 but prefer to be doing something else – which is impossible since most people love the 9-5 life. Wednesdaysickie came as an idea for how I could improve... Continue Reading →

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To: Neil Druckmann

Hello there fellow games, I want answers.  TLOU2 Spoilers** Before we give up hope on a last of us part 3 and chase Neil Druckmann around with torches and pitchforks, maybe we could ask why he did what he did? I get it that he owes us no answers - he created the characters we... Continue Reading →

Got Diversity?

Hello, there fellow games; what does diversity mean to you? How do you show it? World diversity day was on Thursday, 21 May. A few days later, the USA is in a state of chaos with looting and rioting denoting from valid peaceful protests about the state of policing and race relations in the USA.... Continue Reading →

Video game takeover

Hello, there fellow gamers, victory is here - Gaming is now larger than both music and movies combined in the entertainment industry. According to some pretty legitimate-looking articles, gaming generates $152.1 Billion, where the box office industry is $41.7 Billion, and music is $19.1 Billion, full article click here. To speculate, what does that mean?... Continue Reading →

The Simpsons + Disney = Back Pain

Hello, there are fellow gamers in quarantine, there are a few great things you can achieve, learning a new language, bettering yourself, or even reconnecting with friends/family - or you could be a sane person and watch 28 seasons of The Simpsons on Disney +. The strangest thing about The Simpsons is that when this... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the good book

Hello there fellow gamers, as a person, I try my best to keep my mind open, so when one of the companies I labeled as crappy. Epic Games decided to give gamers a gift of free GTA V; I was like heck yes! You are going in my good books, right next to Arlec brand... Continue Reading →

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