When I was a noob!

When I was a noob!

Zelda the Ocarina of Time released in 1998 at the peak of Nintendo’s popularity and dominance in the gaming scene, the game set a new standard, how did Zelda do this? Was it the impressive open world? The many interesting and deep characters you would meet on the journey or is it the depth of story that would take years to be trumped by another series.

At the time this game was released, it had only been one year since I arrived in Australia, coming as a refugee from very humble circumstances this was my first experience with a 3D game. My parents couldn’t afford one of the newer systems, and I gamed on the SNES and Sega Genesis. Getting the game changed my experience with gaming and that game being Zelda made it more special, having spent hours and days button crunching my way through a link to the past.

Attacking chickens – A link to the past


Doof! The dungeon doors close behind Link, you enter the POV mode and look around and what stares back is a yellow eye perched on the ceiling the game begins a cinematic clip. Very basic the dungeon boss is awaked by your presence and jumps down to battle, the boss is a giant armored spider with one eye which is its weakness. This early on in the game we already we see two things that would go to define RPG games. Storytelling was not going to be a small written blurb but now an in-world experience with mood setting music and stunning camera work using all aspects of the environment. The second element we experience is a boss fight where you need to exploit a weakness – link has to slingshot a nut into the eye and then slash the boss when it is dazed. Replaying the game now its very easy, but at the time that Arachnaphobic thing with armor scared me for days, sleepless nights were had because of that boss.

Gohma – Ocarina of Time


The influence of Ocarina of time came to mind while I was playing Horizon Zero dawn, the storytelling was not 2D, the characters all have depth. Alloy like Link starts in obscurity and suddenly is thrust into the adventure which is her destiny, the bosses you face all have weaknesses which you have to exploit strategically to defeat them. We can go further to the Witcher, Assassins creed with its intricate puzzles and dungeons. Even though Ocarina of Time is 20 years old, it has not aged, although the controls might be a little clunky.

Alloy being awesome – Horizon Zero Dawn


You will form bonds with the characters, even feel saddened when you travel in time and see that some have hit hard times. I would compare Ocarina of time to Breath of the Wild, but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I am sure that it does justice to the series and gives its fans what they want.

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