Battlefield 1: Turning Tides

Battlefield 1 is a fast-paced, intense first-person shooter where you run around a map and try not to get killed; you will be killed, however, over and over again. This FPS game is my first dip into the world of online multiplayer aspects of the genre – traditionally I have been an RPG/Strategy gamer.

This month the turning tides expansion was released – having poured over 200 hours into the multiplayer mode I thought a review of the newest development was due. I was disappointed by the maps of the previous name of the Tsar expansion. In the last expansion, you are target practice for snipers and did not add anything new to the game. However BF1 has redeemed itself with the turning tides expansion, there is an element of intensity in both maps. I mostly play conquest so that this review will be based around that, sorry to those playing the other styles.

Achi Baba

There are narrow pathways for you to follow and trenches everywhere; mortars are blasting above you and enemies signaling artillery fire when they can. You will duck and dive, but mostly you will die, over and over again. As a gloating gamer is teabagging you, you will find yourself immersed in the competitive and grinding nature of this map.

Cape Helles

If you are unlucky, you will end up on a boat charging the beach with your allied buddies dodging fire from the beach front. This map is one-sided with the Turkish side having the high ground and access to machine guns and cannons, the good news is you start with more points at the beginning.


Aforementioned is worth a shot for existing players – the expansion pack is roughly $80 purchased from the PS store. I would recommend to players looking to put more hours into the game, not recommended for players who have not yet played BF1. Give the first few maps a go before you purchase, see how you enjoyed the chaos, teabagging and dying unexpectedly.


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