Super Chill New Years

The chilled new years welcome to 2018! How did you celebrate? I kept it chill, chilled as a surf bro after smoking up. I and my other half decided to spend it up the coast; she decided because I have been overwhelmed and my mind is worn out from a crazy few months at work. We (she) found a quiet little town on NSW South Coast by the name of Sussex Inlet. I forgot how it is actually to shut down mentally and enjoy the day – did you know days are kind of long? Coming from Sydney your days seem shorter. I wanted to share this experience to deviate from the usual postings; this blog is primarily about gaming and everything except for work.

Driving there is an excellent opportunity to see the nature of Australia, green everywhere and a lot of cows, a lot of cows! See below for a video of us trying to communicate with a reluctant calf. Recommended playlists for the trip are as follows, classic rock – Carry on my Wayward Son (inspired by Deans playlist) Dean Winchester from Supernatural. The flaws of that show might be many, but they did introduce me to a whole new set of music which I listen to every time I go on a road trip.

Jopen Complex is where we stayed; I have stayed in some dodgy places in my time, most notably a tiny room in Florence with a bed I am sure Niccolo Machiavelli slept on back in his day – it did straighten out my back though. Jopen Complex was not one of them, the room was spacious, the bathrooms were immaculate, and the staff was super friendly and helpful. The price was $420 for four days, and three nights, you get a TV and a very comfortable bed. The location of the motel is convenient, the SPAR supermarket is on the same street, along with a pizza place and the local RSL which makes a mean Shnitty. Also there is a Café connected to the motel which makes a good burger. The town is quite small, and all the sights will be in walking distance which makes it very convenient. Be warned WI-FI struggles at times and so do most mobile towers.

While you are not relaxing, enjoying the absence of city noise which is cars, construction work, and endless damn construction work, I live in Sydney, so I mentioned construction work two times because this city is one massive construction site. You should take the time to visit Hyams beach and Honeymoon Bay. Hyams has the whitest sand in the world, which not only appeals to Neo-Nazis but also makes the beach glisten alongside soft sand and blue water making this the perfect place to relax. Take a minute, find some shade and rest! Be warned though the sun is intense – I ended up looking like a lobster after sitting in the sun for an hour. Honeymoon Bay is a little harder to get to but well worth the drive, which is beautiful. I would recommend using a 4WD to get there or one of those big cars, you know with the big tires. But those who do not own one I managed to do it with my Suzuki Swift, which I am convinced is an all-terrain vehicle. Honeymoon Bay is fun, secluded and has plenty of space for all its visitors, enjoy the drive and kick back at the beach.

Swift Offroading – Yes that is a Witcher pendant

White Sand – Hyams Beach


Honeymoon Bay


When you are not chilling at the beach, you can go for sunny walks, relax in your motel and enjoy shutting down. Nothing wrong with having super chill new years in a small town. I was asleep at 11 PM; girlfriend had to wake me up – I am also relatively old, 29 this month.

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