Remember when?.

Remember when Command and Conquer was a thriving series? I remember playing it inside an internet café and the armies being so vast that the game crashed. Those days are over, one reason being that EA scrapped the Command and Conquer franchise, because, well I don’t know why they abandoned it. The last mention of CC was a free to play game in 2013 which EA scrapped. I am sorry, but this will feature me hating on EA some more, they killed a beloved franchise – or did it die?.

Last strategy game that excited me was Total War: Rome II, I played and raged at the ones before it, especially Medieval 2: Total War. Golden Horde was a Meffer(mother*&ker) that always destroyed me. For those who don’t know, the golden horde is Genghis Khan coming for your ass. The recent installment had better graphics and went into more detail, but it fell flat – it was more of the same. The game fell flat, and so my interest faded after a thorough playthrough. I didn’t realize at the time, but this was a trend in strategy gaming. I have looked around to see what happened to the genre and I have come to the conclusion that the consoles are to blame, yeh Playstation and Xbox I am looking at both of you! Most genres quickly adapted to the consoles, but RTS has not felt the same embrace. Aforementioned led developers to drop RTS and focus on what makes money.

However, there is still hope! What has made me hopeful is that the genre yet has fans who would pay money for strategy games and corporations love cash. Looking at the line up of upcoming video games, two that have the power to reinvigorate the industry, Age of Empires IV and Iron Harvest. One is a titan of the genre and the other a newcomer with an entirely new take on WW1 including Mech warriors and men with awesome mustaches.

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