End the drudgery

Riding that train to work and lacking any entertainment, slowly dreading the walk to the office? Stuck in the never-ending line of traffic? Well, fear not my friend. I have the answer for you, I have scoured the podcast sea to find some people who will help the pain of your daily trek to work. This list will consist of three podcasts that I enjoy and have nicely compiled into a catalog to help you.


These three very well spoken young lads from Australia will keep you tuned into their podcast by using humor and knowledge of the industry. They are working class dudes and appeal to me because of their down to earth approach to the video games industry. Warning, their humor is Australian and might not relate to the rest of the world, the rest of rest of the world is far from us, and we are disconnected, visit us please, all the animals here will either beat or kill you.


Welcome to the show of your geek dreams, a gift from the lord! Or if you don’t believe in that, a random occurrence in the universe where these people have been placed together to provide us with entertainment. The good thing about these dudes is that they review more than video games and they are mostly in the industry, giving them a more intimate insight into the industry. The sad thing about them is that Colin Moriarty is gone, a kinda funny joke and we lose a great speaker! Come on SJW peeps; he didn’t deserve the flak he received.
8Bit Geek


What can I say about them, the looking for love in Craig lists section segment is epic – unless you’re a person looking for weird love on Craig’s list, I would recommend other methods to find a partner. They are entertaining and will give honest reviews and humorous banter, yes I used the word banter – bite me. Another positive is that they have an excellent website that covers a large variety of geek stuff, I suggest jumping onto it after looking through my site, check their gallery for great cosplaying.

Next time you’re on the train or in traffic slowly moving yourself to and from work, take an hour and listen to one of these podcasts. Make the trip less painful, stop staring at the person behind you screaming to someone using their Bluetooth.

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