Birthday celebration in your late twenties

What young people in the club look like.

Here we are my dear old friend; I am assuming you’re male in his late twenties, sorry ladies and other non-conforming genders. The post will be focused on men, so we are in our late twenties and your birthday is up – what do you do bro?. Do you go to the club and get wild, I don’t think so, you look like a creepy old uncle, its time to realize bumping elbows with 18-year-olds is not cool.

I have compiled a nice list of 5 things to do when you’re a bit too old to the party but still have a social life, let’s do this! But since we are in our late twenties, let’s not go too hard.

1. Paintball
Get your friends together and shoot them in the face, this will bring everyone together because it is usually split into teams, comparing bruises is always fun.

2. Axe Throwing
This is awesomely fun and what I did for my 29th birthday party, you get some people together and compete at axe throwing – its also relatively cheap and also has a competitive aspect in it, I came second.

3. Drinks at the local
I know I said no partying, but this is drinks at your local – its always okay for people in their late twenties to be at the local, driving closer to the action is hard and takes effort, the effort you can’t afford when you are old. Going to the local can also be done at lunchtime If you want to get a good daytime buzz going.

4. Go Karting
Karting is fun, cheap and has a competitive element but no teams – remember how peaceful and accepting of defeat you are in Mario Kart, well this will bring out the same calm nature in you.

5. Stay at home contemplating failure
Dim the lights, get some paper and write down your top ten failures in your almost 30 years of life. Didn’t achieve your potential, failed friendships, relationships and of course embarrassing drunken moments.

Number 5 on the list was to add some darkness to the post, let’s be realistic if you are in your late twenties you have had dark thoughts, maintaining that work-life balance is hard, you have had some failures by now. Number 5 is not the way to spend your birthday; if you are alive you are still in with a chance to get what you want out of life, we are lucky to even if we don’t realize.

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