Here we are my fellow friends, microtransactions have come and occupied the gaming landscape accompanied by the Order of the Pre. Let me break it down, I loved Shadow of Mordor – the game added a new spin to the LOTR franchise and brought a fun mechanic to the games, some LOTR fans didn’t like it because it adds new characters. Playing as an unknown character to the world might offend some, but damn it was fun for me, sorry hardcore fans. The Middle Earth, Shadow of War came along welcome loot boxes. Okay, the look boxes were there but hey I wasn’t forced to purchase them, until the very end of the game where I was strong-armed into buying loot boxes to pretty much see the final cutscene – they robbed me of the joy!.

The game is not why I called this post WAR!, It is named WAR! Because I have declared war on the companies that slide microtransactions into games, which is excellent for mobile but so much more offensive when you pay full price for video games. Below you will find my memes of war!

Release the dogs (memes) of war.

Peterson on point.


Join me


Aww sweet our Renaisance


Regan & Bush – even the devil distrusts them



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