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The first three is the first three hours of a video game; a review is based on those three hours, this is the first review I have done like this. If a game can’t capture your imagination in the first three hours, then it might not be worth it. I will do my best to remain unbiased – even when reviewing an EA game release – although I recently heard they are in the process of shutting down the studio responsible for Dragon Age Inquisition, one of my favorite games. Not cool EA.

Monster Hunter World is an open world action J-RPG game, with an intense combat pace that draws on some severe endorphin release to keep the player interested, it freaking works – I was fighting some weird lizard chicken that got bloated when I was struggling with it, it tried to roll over me! Luckily my bad ass Pelico was there to help, well it just stood there and threw stuff at the lizard chicken, its heart was in the right place.


The crafting and upgrading in the game will not be new mechanics to someone who has played an RPG/J-RPG game, you collect and scavenge items that can be used to upgrade weapons. The player can choose different sets of arms you can take into battle with you, all dependent on personal preference and playing style. The game also have an arcade feel to the combat, dependent on your approach in can be quite straight forward or complex – remember to eat before going out!, no its not your mother writing this blog, eating before a hunt helps with stamina, health and damage dealt during the fight.

Nitty Gritty


This game is worth it, having spend just over three hours I would recommend for people looking to mash some buttons and have a good time, should be noted that I haven’t given the multiplayer a try yet and that the reviews are mostly positive. There are fun, explorations, beautiful environment and a cat, these are some of the best aspects of the game.


Monster Hunter World is a definite stretch for some people who haven’t played the franchise yet, there is no real introduction and would leave some people confused, definitely made for those who already consider themselves fans of the game. The story, in some places, is glossed over and would be more useful if there was more depth to it.

All in all this game is worth it and I would give it a 7 out of 10.

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