Critiquing the critics

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The critics and reviewers, are they correct? That’s a question that can only be answered by remembering that they are just people – but what happens when they all gang up on a movie and they are wrong.

Welcome to 2018 where even those dear trusted reviewers get it wrong, goddammit Trump what have you done to the world!. I will be discussing two examples, well aware that there are more but it’s late, I work full time and study part-time, so I couldn’t delve more in-depth if you have better examples send them through and I will try and get to them for my own curiosity.

Battle: Los Angeles:

Please don’t judge the movie by the title, it is a crappie title but come on guys – they are running out of catchy titles for movies. Battle: Los Angeles is a Sci-Fi action movie where aliens invade earth and whoop us until we figure out how to defend ourselves, at this point, I am asking you to keep reading. The movie is entirely an 8, stop scratching your head, I meant what I gave it. This is an excellent action movie with significant effects, add some great actors with a decent story and wallah, you have an excellent film. Problem is that the reviewers on IMDB gave it a 5.8 and rotten tomatoes gave it a 35%, either I lost my taste, or they are wrong, well the google review is that 87% of Google users liked this movie. If you distrust what I am saying I have attached the image below.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.36.08 pm


Once again, do not judge the movie by the odd title, at least it is odd not crappie. This is a Fantasy movie based in LA, elves in modern day LA rolling with Orcs, seriously how could you rate that poorly!? This movie brought critics to my attention, a lot of internet buzz was around the reviews the film received an internet denizens not agreeing with the seemingly poor reviews.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.33.53 pm

In conclusion, did the reviewers get it wrong? Are they always wrong? Have they lost touch with what people enjoy? The answer is a bit murky in shades of grey, maybe the reviews are too busy looking for plot holes and forgetting to take into account whether people will enjoy these movies, does the fact Bright and Battle: Los Angeles has some plot holes make them bad movies, not really. Both these movies took a strong chance in a new direction and even though they might not have grossed as much as the Marvel franchise they did give us a unique experience. Please take a look at these movies and let me know if I am wrong in the comments below, recommend other film for me to watch that have received similar treatment.

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