The First Three – Warhammer: End times – Vermintide

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Warhammer! Its honestly like the old standard for gaming, the fantasy world in it has managed to go into the RPG genre and RTS, I have always had fun with the Warhammer titles. I have to be perfectly honest and confess that I am not a hardened Warhammer fan, it just has things I love – dark fantasy, excellent story, and lovable characters. I promise for my next article I will delve into the Warhammer world – but as it stands I will review the first three hours of Warhammer: End times – Vermintide, sorry gamer peeps, but I can’t afford the new one.


Let’s do this; I am impressed – I love this game, first three hours I missed four phone calls from an agitated girlfriend, so I had a good time playing, but I will suffer for it later tonight. Gamer peeps, you need to give this title a shot, if you’re a broke like me get the first installment in the series which will set you back USD 7.50 on steam, well bloody worth it. You get to play co-op with other players which breaks the monotony of competing with other players, sometimes its fun to work together with people – especially if it’s against a swarm of rats aching to kill you and your comrades. I chose to play as a dwarf with a bitching ax and shield combo, slicing peoples heads off.

Nitty Gritty


Fun, fun and more fun – the action is intense the graphics are right, and the game has aged well. You get your RPG fix, and at the end of every quest/match you roll the dice and have the chance to win yourself some bitching new accessories, giving you that little gambling dopamine hit we all love.


The only con I can think of is that the Warhammer world is so vast that you’re trying to figure out what is happening in the world, that’s not the games fault but more or less mine because I am not a part of the Warhammer world. I, however, have made it my mission to explore the world, try and get the story behind the lore and characters – the world of Warhammer here I come!

All in all this game is worth it, and I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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