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The first three is the first three hours of a video game; a review is based on those three hours, this is the first review I have done like this. If a game can’t capture your imagination in the first three hours, then it might not be worth it. This article differs because I was trying to see if the Warhammer universe is worth a look inside, well short answer, yes – long answer? Hell yes.

Let’s do some background to this, Warhammer got my attention as a meme on 9GAG, I liked the look of the space marine, chest out, large guns but it seemed lost on me. It came back in the form of a workshop store in Liverpool, Sydney’s South West. I didn’t think much of it at the time, then about 2-3 years ago a friend recommended I get Total War: Warhammer. My friend knew I was a Total War fan and told me to try it, I liked it – I killed some vampires, had my hero, and it was fun! It added new life to the Total War franchise, and after Rome II missing the mark I was yearning for it. I promise this part is almost over, so please stick with me, I will provide links to excellent sources for Warhammer information. The franchise came back to mind when I played Vermintide one as part of my reviewing process and my lack of finance to purchase the second part in the Vermintide series.

That’s what brought me here, and I wanted to know what the universe was about, how did this franchise manage to inspire games, literature, all coming from a tabletop game. The answer to that question is that the story behind it is incredibly detailed and full of lore that I didn’t get to go through in the first three – taking me from Orcs to highly developed sentient beings and back to space marines blowing shit up. Beyond the violence is a world that has been in development for over 30 years that started in 1983 as a tabletop fantasy battle game, which can peer through the art and feel of the characters, Conan the barbarian eat your heart out! I also have read that the universe has influences from Lord Of The Rings.

There is no chance for me to summarise this franchise for you gamer bros, it’s too long to do in the first three, but it did get me into it – so as a review I reckon you give it a shot. Below I have attached some beneficial links to the universe that will help you get into the Warhammer franchise, have an epic journey geeks, gamers and nerds.

Heres where you can start with some light reading and podcasts narrated by an oddly soothing British accent.

Youtube Videos – Luetin 09

The timeline – more complex than human history


The tabletop games


Bros, this world continues to grow, if you enjoy fantasy, magic and a dystopian look of the world then give this universe a shot – if it consumes you then I apologise.

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