The First Three: God of War

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The first three is the first three hours of a video game; a review is based on those three hours. If a game can’t capture your imagination in the first three hours, then it might not be worth it.

Are you bloody ready to kill some Gods! Have you spent years thirsting for blood and an epic adventure, well this is the game for you dudes/dudettes. God of War makes its return to the PlayStation and boy did Kratos the Ghost of Sparta make a return, ripped apart the gaming world like it was a flimsy Greek god. I will try and find some negatives in this game, but it might be a little tricky, it distracted me from all my life responsibilities – luckily I have this awesomely successful blog to fall back on when I am fired and lining up at Centrelink.

Good parts of this game are everything, I have heard that the boss fights leave people wanting a more epic ending, but I think the focus shift from this to Kratos and his life after being a cold-blooded killer makes it much more meaningful.

Kratos – In ceramic form

We all know this game is epic on all ends, great story, awesome graphics, and zero loading screens – yeh you heard me, zero loading screens. The thing that stands out for me most is, how the character of Kratos changes – looking back at the beginning of him we knew that he had a family and loved them, but we never see this in action. We get to see Kratos as a father, I connect with what he is like, my dad is a hard man who served in the army and spent time as a prisoner of war. Kratos through his years of war and violence doesn’t know how to be hands-on with his love for his son, a few times in the game he goes to give him a gentle pat on the back and pulls his hand centimeters from the fragile boy’s shoulder.

Returning to a past forgotten

Many people would have not played the earlier God Of War games, to be frank either have I, maybe completing about two of them. The good thing about that is that this game lets new players get into the game. Kratos’ past adventures are only referenced briefly and are not needed to understand the story – Although I would like to know how Kratos went from Greece to Scandinavia, by horse? One of those fancy European trains that have a first-class option, this also opens more questions, did he have to check in his meat cleaver thingos? These questions keep me up at night, and I want answers.

I won’t do the standard Pros and Cons for this one because well the game was awesome. However, if someone does disagree, please leave a comment below and tell me why.

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