Battlefied V – History Remixed

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It has been revealed, my days of WW1 historically actual killing on BF1 appears to be over, at a quick glance in the trailer we are headed to the WW2 era – but with a remixed twist. In the trailer, we can see a lady brandishing a prosthetic arm, and a WW2 Tommy gun, the arm is advanced for that era, and the setting in the trailer looks like it featured the Brooklyn bridge. This was one of the most intriguing rumours before the release, and it appears to be true, we are remixing history. The Nazis continue to fight, and the war had gone in their favour, as a dark-haired Serbian who was mistaken as a native of Israel when I visited that scared the BEJESUS out of me. Gameplay looks a bit quirky, and I can’t decide whether this is going to be good or bad, I hope good because I loved BF1 – this could bring us new arenas to fight in, 50’s Brooklyn and maybe even battles on the eastern front. I am cautiously excited to see what happens, in saying that though – if I see a look box upgrading system I will disappear quicker than if the actual Nazis came looking for me.


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