Battlefield V – I am sorry.

Hello there fellow gamer and people who accidentally clicked onto my blog, hopefully, you clumsy bastards give this article a read through and a like/share.

I got it wrong. I wrote a little post filled with pixy like excitement at the new Battlefield game, I now see I was wrong. This game will not remix history in the right way, actually taking away from it – making it worse than I thought. The game will be Political Correctness and Fortnite in a shadow of WW2 setting.

This was the most horrific war in the history of the world, and a game about it should reflect that. I apologise to my readers for my initial article, I am about as excited about this game as I am about local government elections, which is to say I will turn up and draw a dick on the ballad and go home.

On the bright side though someone made a Hitler reacting to BF V video.

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