The Warriors, pitching a game.

Warriors, come out to playyiiiaaaa

There I was watching The Warriors movie at my girlfriend’s house, the psychedelic electro funk music is playing, and a whole bunch of hairy chested men wearing leather vests are roaming the streets of New York. What does this have to do with the humble little blog you ask, well I see the potential to make a game that will have you flashing your switchblade and screaming can you dig it! The PS2 game is supposed to be epic, I promise on what integrity a corporate hack has left that I will get to that game, this post is basically a pitch to my readers and maybe a willing company to make a Warriors game, another one.

I will do my best to build a picture for you, 70’s New York, Trump is a young sleazebag, Americans are snorting more coke than there was snow in winter, lawless gangs wander the streets of NY, Police have lost control and city is on the verge of bankruptcy, did I forget to mention gangs had themes! I would definitely join the lumberjack-themed one, slap on some plaid and carry an axe to intimidate rival gang members. Most importantly, and I can not stress this enough, Martial arts due to the fame of Bruce Lee was all the rage, let’s fly kick a wack looking cat, you one track brain SUCKA.

The game I propose uses this theme but ads a bit of eastern mysticism to it, some superpower moves to go along with those kicks. An open world where you can travel different boroughs but when the sun sets more and more rival, gang members appear and you need to either run or fight for the turf, to conquer new turf you need to tag, recruit, take down crime syndicates and build safe houses for soldiers to rest in.

The timeline would be after Cyrus is shot and there is a power vacuum when the most powerful gang in the city loses its leader, riots are a regular happening as street brawls over turf turn into fires that engulf the whole city. The game would start with finals scenes of the movie, where you are introduced to the back story and then thrown into the brawls until you get back to Coney Island.

Are you getting the picture, a mix of Skyrim and GTA and an afro in the mix with bitching flared jeans riding the subway instead of a horse, cops replacing the imperial guards and warring kingdoms replaced by gangs of young men with chest hair – can you dig it sucka? Fus Ro dah you jive cat, swords replaced by NY Yankees baseball bats.

Let me know what you think in the comments section, and if you are a game developer get to developing sucka, I ain’t got that much time on my hands.

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