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Decisions, these are the things that make up our life, do we work in finance, marketing or sales, what kind of coffee do we drink. These are the decisions that make up our somewhat mundane life, and that brings us to Detroit become human. I was supposed to get this game for free but that fell through, and reluctantly I forked over my hard-earned moneys to purchase the game. One of the main reasons I was so impressed with the game is that I went in thinking it was going to be riddled with politicised content, those claims were wrong. The game took a unique look at our world and the bounds of compassion in society.
A brief look at the three-story trees in the game,
Connor: A hard-nosed android whose sole purpose is to catch the deviants. Deviants are androids that have developed a sense of freedom and human emotions, and your mission is to keep this detective from turning into a “deviant,” your decisions towards his investigation will either stabilize or destabilize his operating system. If you sympathize with the androids Connor will be a complex character for you as you push him through the story sometimes hurting androids, well that’s what I did.

Connor & Hank
Markus: A good-looking young android endowed with creativity and a special relationship with his owner, Markus is asked to paint by his owner, and you can decide what it will look like, shortly after that the owner’s son assaults you both. This is the first and vital decision thrust on Markus that makes him into the leader of the resistance. Later Markus has, perhaps the hardest decisions to make, whether he will spare the lives of police officers who killed innocent androids and what his revolution will be like, will you guide Markus to peace or war, are the humans outdated and you evolved to replace them.

Kara: This story tree is too sad for me, while Connor and Markus are faced with hard decisions they are fighting, while as Kara you’re in an abusive home you need to find shelter from the rain with Alice, a young girl in tow. There are disturbed androids and sick humans who try to perform experiments on you. All in all, this story exposes you to the true nature of what will happen when humans develop androids and use them for sexual favors and slavery. Her story also drags you through to the misery of other androids who are abused by humans. At this point your expecting me to say something sweet about this story tree, I am sorry gamers, but it’s a terrible story, but not that its told poorly it’s just sad – but it’s the reason Markus and Connor do what they do, the Kara and Alice storyline show you how hard the Androids have it.

Kara & Alice
The nitty gritty
This game is well executed, even though I would call it more an interactive movie where you decide the ending. The graphics are fantastic and clean, the movements are believable, and storylines draw you in and instantly connect you to the characters making the decisions hard and an extension of your moral compass into the digital world. I would encourage humans and androids to have a crack at this game, and you’ll enjoy its story and complexity of the future it portrays.
My only gripe is that it claims that this is the future in like ten years, somehow I don’t see those clunky robots we have developed as becoming fully functioning and self-aware androids who threaten human existence.
The ending, not too sad.

Let’s get this out the way. I did my best as Connor to catch the deviants; this eventually led to the raid on Jericho by the police. In this story tree, the original body of Connor is killed, and I transfer to a different Connor. Hank dies, mostly because I suck and sincerely regret the decisions leading to his death. Connor becomes a permanent fixture in the revolution, recruiting all the robots from the headquarters and I am assuming he lives a life of peace after conquering Detroit.

I lost Alice, to all those thinking I would suck as a parent you have been proven right. Due to some shitty decisions, she dies after we reach Canada. I also lost Luther. This game will tug at your heartstrings unless you are heartless. Kara does, however, start life in Canada and I am hoping it ends well.

Freedom, all he wanted was some freedom and understanding, Markus leads his army to war and becomes a valiant leader that eventually conquers Detroit – you can go peacefully about this but because I didn’t want to see innocent Androids die I fought the hard fight and finally overcame the army. I did, however, lose most of the main Androids in the rebellion, except for the love interest. Long live the revolution!

Below is the most intense scene in the game,

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