The Last of Us Part one. Shameless promotion.

Let’s start off by saying that I will be completely biased – this is not a review but a promo that Naughty Dog did not need to pay me for. I am a huge zombie apocalypse nerd, I own a rifle and always think of places where I could hide out, due to my extreme lack of coordination I would probably end up dead in 15 minutes of an outbreak, even those slow Walking Dead zombies would get me. Those slow bastard would probably catch me after I forget to lock a door and wake up with one nibbling on my innards.

The story, its fucken epicenes personified in a game – why? Because in the first half hour Naughty Dogs ask you to connect with the protagonist on a deep emotional level, and you do. Watching Joel hold his dying daughter after being shot by a soldier when narrowly escaping a city under siege. I felt his pain, and it came out nowhere, surprising you and setting the pace of the game – where no character is safe. After Joel meets Ellie, the relationship is not straight away, hey I love this girl she replaces my daughter, he is conservative in his approach even trying to ditch Ellie after a while. The story aspects of games are more critical now than before because everyone is going batshit crazy on Battle Royale, with God of War coming out earlier in the year I am hoping companies get the hint and continue to produce single player games – no offence to Battle Royale which I think is kind of fun, but lacking substance. Weird comparison time, Battle Royale is, and an excellent single player game is a three course home cooked meal with a batch of my famous brownies for Dessert. Battle Royale is fun and easy but will eventually give you diabetes.

Part two, Ellie is grown up and kissing another girl. Therefore I will not play the game!

Psyche motherfucker, I can never know what living as a woman in her twenties being a lesbian is like and to be honest, having played Horizon Zero Dawn and seeing how creepy men can be hitting on your character kind of opened my eyes. So yeh, I am excited to have a female lead. Beyond that, if you watch the below-attached gameplay trailer, it looks fantastic, giving me all kinds of next-gen possibility boners. At the end of part one, Joel and Ellie return to the settlement that Joel’s brother has set up, and this seems to be referenced. In another trailer we see Ellie proclaim she is going to kill them all, this might be someone has attached the settlement, maybe the fireflies? Perhaps another group of raiders? Either way, it seems to confirm that Joel is still alive, even though in the gameplay trailer you one play as Ellie. Overall people, I am excited, and I hope you are too. More immersive combat, surroundings and what seems to be a much more open world.

I replayed part one for what is probably the fourth time, I tried to get some lovely in-game photos to get everyone excited for part two. Enjoy my dudes and dudettes.

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