Red dead redemption

Okay, I am back from a two-month hiatus, and I am doing the most comfortable review ever. Straight of the bat, I am going to give red dead redemption a 5/5 review, so instead of a traditional review, I am going to mention the things that make this game stand out from me.

One thing that makes this game awesome straight away, John Marston is back, younger and we see how he got that epically unique scars on his face – a pack of wild wolves he managed to fight off in the mountains in a winter storm, I have a scar on my knee I got when I fell walking. My story is slightly less exciting than Johns, but hey, I live a sheltered life, maybe I should move to the outback and live the life of an outlaw.

Aside from John Marston, the mechanics in the game are fantastic, every one of the NPC’s looks different to the other ones, the towns seem to be thriving and making them interact with it naturally. For those playing, how awesome is it that where ever the horse steps you can see the print, goes hang in hand with little-added features like if you get into a brawl and if you get punched your hat falls off – small details like that make the game that much better.

So pretty

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