Video games when your older

My fellow gamers, I have to announce this – if it’s not already known. I am old as shit, and my life is crazy busy, if I am not working as a humble Marketing Coordinator, I am studying to be a less humble Marketing Coordinator. Add a girlfriend to the mix, and you have a dude getting to his thirties with no time, I can only afford to sleep 6 hours, I would kill everyone I love for a good 12-hour sleep. I have however been able to finish 80% of Spiderman, 20% of AC Odyssey and 11% of RDR 2, rookie numbers, but I don’t ever get to stay at home, I have to hustle my way around for that opportunity. I am going to give my fellow gamers a few tips on how to make games a priority, or you could just do boring adult stuff, instead of living out the cowboy fantasy you could do your taxes, sort out your recycling and write blog posts to help you become a better communicator in the very competitive Marketing industry.

1. Wake up early.
I wake up at 5.30am every morning to get started on my day; this does not mean I go to sleep at 9.30pm to get my 8 hours, I usually clock out at 11.30 barely scrapping in six hours of sleep. I walk around with perpetual tiredness and drink about three coffees a day – but this gets you an early start to the day, and you can smash out those little chores.
2. Plan your days.
I have a whiteboard in my room where I keep assignments, social events and a primary day to day schedule of what needs to be done. The board helps you organize yourself and then gives you a clear view of time and helps you squeeze in a few AC Assassinations.
3. Go hard.
If you are reading this and have gotten this far in the article, then it means that you are genuinely interested in what I have to say, not the best decision you have made in your life, but hey here we are!. You need to want it, a friend of mine said he does not have enough time for video games, at which point I informed him that neither do I – I create the time.
4. Do not listen.
The older you get, the more people will tell you that they have a 12-year-old nephew that plays Fortnite, putting you a mature age man/woman who juggles adult responsibilities in with a kid who is enjoying life without responsibility. Dammit Sharon, watch Grey’s anatomy and drink your wine as if I am the sad one in this conversation.
5. Sacrifice is key.
Sacrifice your sleep, your time, your energy – even your sanity. Life will get busy, your friends will get busy, and your work will get busy, everything around you will change, but if you are willing to sacrifice and work hard, you can still game. Do not quit on what you love because of SHARON! Thinks gaming is childish, well alcoholism is, and you will never sleep with George Clooney.

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