The first three: This war of mine

This war of mine, aptly true to its title it is based on my war – let me explain, I am a refugee from Bosnia, coming to the land of kangaroos and the c-word and most importantly food and no one shoots at you, awesome aye?

Do you want to hear about my experiences in a war-torn country or my review of a video game based on the experience of people like me in a game based on my war-torn country? Well, either way, I will give you a decent review and some insight into refugee life, and some commentary that’s slightly humorous.

I would start with the most glaring aspect of this video game; you play Halo? Battlefield or even old-school medal of honor? Well, those games are not the accurate representation of war, you don’t just go around killing people – its actually a brutal, dehumanizing horrible experience where people are struggling to survive and the fear stays with you long after the war ends. Props to this game for actually giving people insight into war, maybe next time one of our leaders decides to destroy a country full of brown people we will stand together and end it.

Apologize for ranting and raving, but a teacher once told me to protest the Iraq war because my generation would pay for it, and well thousands of dead, endless terror attacks and taking my shoes off at US airports, I am beginning to think she had a point. The game is clever in design and set the mood, the characters are authentic, and the situations are intense – this ads to the game. The immersion through the mood setting and the constant threat of running out of food are perfect tools for immersion, also very authentic as good is one of the first things to run out when the poverty kicks in.

In the knowledge that this is an extremely delayed play on my behalf, forgive me for not wanting to relive some childhood trauma. Give the game a play around; its about $8.00 on steam and is a heap of well, not fun but something like that. Enjoy the game, see what war is actually like and then go back to blasting people in the face in Battlefield V, which I will be purchasing tomorrow.

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