Diablo Immortal – from the fence.

As a supporter of a video game franchise, how much ownership do you have over the game and how much of a right do you have to be offended. I played the hell out of Diablo III, no pun intended. I am in a position where it’s easy for me to be on the fence, I like Diablo, but I can’t commit to us moving in together, I feel like love is with another franchise, maybe I will jump in with Dragon Age? Have children with the Witcher franchise and occasionally sleep around with Fortnite, the cheap thrill she is. Call me Humpty Dumpty because I am on the fence.

I watched the announcement and yeh, I would not want to be the presenter – that room was hostile, and damn I have never seen gamers so angry about a new game announcement. So how much of a right did those dudes have to be angry, I would say they did have a reason to be pissed, the logistics of getting to that event are unthinkable and are the pilgrimage made by hardcore fans, people who read the books, follow the lore, so these dudes coming on the rumor that Diablo IV was the announcement, a new chapter in their fandom. What they got, a mobile game, watered down version of what they love – imagine going to the movies to watch the Avengers and getting a Chinese knock-off called the revengers, you would be pissed too.

In defense of the developers though, it was not a wrong concept, everyone having access to the franchise and reaching new fans by giving them easy access is not a bad thing – however with that being said you do need to know I work in marketing and Diablo going on mobile seems like something a Marketing manager who did not know their audience decided to put forward as the masterpiece.

I still have not chosen a side, because its hard to – both sides are being dicks. Do you side with the gamers who mocked and messed with a presenter who had nothing to do with the decision to take the franchise to mobile, or do you take the side of Blizzard who is doing a cash grab? If you only look at the positives then you will see both are doing great things, the passionate fans of Diablo are providing feedback to the developers, and the developers are expanding the franchise and bringing new blood into the franchise.

It’s a hard decision, don’t be a dick – simple, effective and proven method to go through life. Don’t be a dick to your supporters and don’t be a dick to the people who developed games that gave you carpal tunnel syndrome.

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