Cheat on Triple A

Red dead redemption, AC Odyssey and Spiderman are eyeballing you, and they are all tempting time spenders, great games, great stories and a lot to do in them. But there is that temptation to play something a little simpler, not precisely easier but maybe simpler, don’t you want to platform a little, shoot some stuff, battle, and perhaps even harvest some corn. Do not get me wrong, red dead redemption, Spiderman and so on are so well designed, written and acted that if I could, I would erase my memory to have another play through, but unfortunately, I can’t, the damn CIA won’t share that technology.

I did what any right blogger would do, I went and played video games and sacrificed my time to provide a mildly entertaining blog post. Below are some indie games that deserve your love, attention and maybe even for you to settle down with and enjoy a more comfortable relationship.

1. Stardew Valley

2. Cuphead

3. The Messenger

4. Owlboy

5. Darkest Dungeon

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