Please EA, don’t do this to me.

Hello, my fellow gamers, I am here to plead with our overlord – the overload being EA games which currently owns Bioware who has produced the Dragon Age series. Please o wise and mighty EA, which I have written about two articles where I claim you are the worst, but you know, I enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition, and that means I am on my knees about to gargle some corporate dick so I can have another installment of one of my favorite games.

Also, dudes, I wanted to plug this in, for those who finished RDR2 – how fucken epic is the ending, even the epilogue, Arthurs sad demise and the way he wanted what John had, the wife kid and farm combo, I shot Micah in the damn face and I eager to replay RDR just so I can kill Dutch Van De Cunt.

Back to my original point, the Dragon Age 4 teaser has dropped, and the theories are out and roaming the internet, I didn’t get to play the last DLC from Dragon Age Inquisition but apparently its heavily focused around Solas and this is what has people believing this will be a continuation. The dread wolf has returned, and I feel like singing the dawn has come since it’s been about four years since the last installment, hurry up Bioware I am getting older by the day, and my responsibilities keep following me. I recently became a homeowner heavily in debt, so the prospect of becoming homeless and bankrupt is genuine for me, please release the game quick.

Also please don’t make it politically correct for the sake of it, pretty please, getting Kevin Hart to not host the Oscars or whatever was a good win and leave the games alone.

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