Top 5 of 2018

1. Red Dead Redemption

Where do we start with the game that has set the standard for storytelling in video games, should I praise them for the graphics, the gameplay, the story, the depth to all the characters – I do not know, but I am telling you this game has raised the bar. The games mentioned in this list all have raised the bar. The main reason I have this game on the list, Rockstar actually did something different, they took the best parts of RDR1 and added to them in this installment, do you remember when John heads to Mexico and that song plays, far away as John rides to Mexico getting further away from his family, PERFECTION.

2. God Of War

GOW stands over the corpse of Fortnite, the Fortnite fans cheers begin to fade with the realization that Single player games are here to stay, Kratos watches the blood drip from his ax as thousands of brightly hair colored teens filled with disappointment. God Of War took a gamble and changed the formula, the fans loved it, and a giant roar came from the crowds of scared gamers, fearing that single player was going to be fazed out.

3. The Amazing Spiderman

My Spidey senses are tingling! And they have shown me the way to the second greatest superhero video game ever! Marvels Amazing Spider-man, yeh do not worry my gamer bros Batmans Arkham series is still my favorite and seeing as Spider-man took a lot of the combat inspiration from that series then it does deserve a mention. GOW also borrowed some of the mechanics. The game is pure awesome sauce and slinging through the city feels very natural and exciting. Web-slinging mangled in with some good mechanics, great story and voice acting make the game a hit, also gives us hope for a future series of Marvel games – imagine a Marvel Avengers open world game!

4. AC Odyssey

Malaka this, Malaka that, you’re a Malaka, I am a Malaka – welcome to AC Odyssey, choose your story and get ready to hunt some Templars, I mean cult members. Why do I persist in promoting this game, even though Ubisoft once rejected me from a job, because once again they shifted the games for the better, you do not believe me? Before Origins the last AC game I played was AC the one with the French people, not the yellow vests but the other revolution when it was okay to behead rich people. The sheer amount of missions you need to complete and the size of the world won me over, plus the use of the word Malaka, love an excellent Malaka.

5. Far Cry 5

Country roads, take me home, hope county where the bullets rain and cult is strong! Apart from the creepy cult that was blessing AR 15s in real life this game was freaking epic, all except for the ending, spoiler alert that motherfucker gets away and holds you, hostage. The gunplay was epic and heaps of fun – kill some cult following rednecks, do some fly fishing and have a damn good time.

That is the end of my list before you throw stuff at your computer because I am a Triple-A whore, I did not include indie games because I feel they deserve their section – the people who make these games have fewer funds and smaller teams but often come up with great results. I am not into the indie scene enough to do a top five of the year, and I do welcome some suggestions so if you are keen I am more than happy to have a playthrough.

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