Wednesdaysickie v The Sydney Morning Herald

The bat signal has gone up, or in this case, the control signal has gone up – I am busting out of my cave to save the day or slam a mid-weight writer at the Sydney Morning Herald, who is possibly the worst source on any video game related topics. The background to me criticizing this writer is simple, them venturing into the video game topics without any knowledge on those playing or the medium itself angers me, the article is piggybacking off an incident were a fortnite player assaulted his girlfriend while streaming when she asked him to get off.

What the fortnite gamer did is wrong, but he didn’t do it because he was a gamer or a man, it was done because he or anyone who assaults someone is the industrial runoff from a society that has become a bit shitty. The article connects violence against women, sexism, chauvinism and a whole lot of stuff to video gaming, the material may as well have superimposed a swastika on a PS4 and called it a day. In this article, I will take some of the dumbest quotes in the article, and I can guarantee you there are more than a few.

Let’s begin!

Quote one,

“Many men seem to want to play video games all the time, and it leaves women scratching their heads.”

Okay miss Joanne, someone wanting to do something they love all the time is not a new thing, a problem maybe but not a new idea – it was a pointless sentence.

Quote, two,

“The recent Gamergate situation, however, shows the worrying downside of this and the extreme measures some men can take to protect their boys’ space and drive women out.”

It wouldn’t be a slam piece on gaming without mentioning gamergate, the response from gamers was shitty, but when you insult a whole group of people, they tend to get angry. Also not so recent, gamergate was about 6-7 years ago and yeh the characters involved have faded into obscurity, where they and especially Sarkesian belong.

Quote three,

“Game designers shape the plot, characters, thrill, and entertainment of video games to appeal to a male audience and feed their affiliation. Many of the most popular games have themes of war, killing and aggressive behavior.”

This is a good one, what she is saying is kind of right, some of the best games are violent – but that’s because war and aggression make for good video games, unlike movies games need to hook you in with the interactions – for example, video games do not have a comedy genre like the movies do, imagine games where you just talked to people. What is mentioned is that men are holding clubs and smacking each other around because you know, a penis and violence go hand in hand.

Quote four,

“More balance can only be achieved by talking with men to understand the social and entertainment value they gain from them. And men and boys need to reflect on how their interests impact on their non-gamer loved ones. This is the starting point for developing win-win outcomes.”

The above is the main problem, she compares the psychology of a man and boy to be the same, no professional training for me but I must say this does not seem to be the same thing. The article was so bad I had to write this post, it also makes sense to defend something I am passionate about, even to hold account a terrible writer – have some pride, you work for a national newspaper!.

Linke to the article below, let me know if you agree or disagree with me.


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