Voice of my generation

When King stood in front of thousands of men and women, coming from generations of oppression with never knowing what true equality was – he inspired them with words of wisdom, he brought two hundred years of racism to its knees and brought equality to the front of the dictionary – the first word on anyone’s mind.

Hitler ranted and raved in beer halls, convincing a western country with war weary educated adults who already knew more violence would not solve any problems. One of the most advanced societies to drop it all for blind hate, leading millions to their deaths. His voice and rants changed the course of history, leading to the most shameful period in human history – we knew better and yet we killed.

An orange man is made fun of, his steely eyed stare looks at the younger more educated and enlightened man as he grins at his own joke, the room is jovial but the orange man decides his next move, with caution thrown to the wind he speaks to a nation of frustrated and forgotten people. After a few months of campaigning the man would walk the footsteps of the joker, a president, leader, and the flame that would ignite the greatest divide America has ever experienced.

These men, as much as we might hate or love them are the voices of generations – having said that, who is the voice of my generation? Where is our King, our Hitler or even Trump. I thought about it, like really held my head in my hands and deeply concentrated on the question. The answer is, Adam DeMamp, Blake Henderson and Anders Holmvik! These men speak to my generation, they smoke weed, drink a lot and are absolutely hopeless in life, spending their time in a dead end job trying to get laid. Now bare with me, when it comes to this comparison as I am seeing someone offended that I compared these three fictional slackers to the late great King – hopefully no one thought I was about to say Hitler, just as a FYI, he was added in there because he did manage to convince Germans to kill Jews and go into another world war. What do these men represent for my generation, well I will break that down for you?

DeMamp is shallow and at times insane with self delusion, he even enters a body building competition as an average dude expecting to win. Don’t we all suffer a bit of that, posting our photos on social media thinking we are the best of the best, even if its true – does the world really need 50 photos of your face. Holmvik is the definition of wasted potential, only thing is he does not realize it – parading himself as what he feels is an alpha male, a distorted 80’s villain who races the goodguy for the girl. Last but not least we have Blake Henderson, a stoner placed hippie type dude, probably the most well adjusted of the three, he is nieve and kind of good hearted, like a lot of our generation he believes in the good inside people.

That’s it peeps, if you have ideas on who is the voice of our generation I would love to hear it.

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