Help me!

Gamers, I have become too busy to play video games – which kind of defeats the purpose of running an online gaming blog, we could always talk about my life – but that would be either too depressing or funny, depending on what your tolerance is for dark humor.
Since I can’t play anything, I’ll just write a short list of games I am missing out on, you can comment and tell me how awesome they are and how shitty it is to be working full time and studying in your thirties.

Possible the lamest name for a video game – i have covered my head so when you throw vegetables at me for saying this, I kind of think it looks good.

Devil May Cry V
I haven’t played the series but this looks so good! like all the flipping and stuff with like weird demons and shit, can someone play and tell me what’s happening.

Far Cry New Dawn
I am going to say this and i hope you forgive my blackened heart, but I need to play this for the chance to kill that fucker from the previous game.

That is all my fellow gamers, I can’t even take a Wednesday sickie to spend some well deserved time with my PS4, working full time and studying part-time should be illegal in your thirties – I have seen prisoners enjoying life more than me, they get less of the anal than me.

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