Video game remake, done well – finally!

Hello! you guys/gals or dames, whichever you prefer. I have been playing Resident Evil 2 the remake, and yeh I am kind of impressed – like what the hell was the other remakes? this was a whole new game!

Did you guys see the graphics? I thought remakes were these simple polishes on the graphic, some spitshine, make the fans crave nostalgia and kapow, you have a quick profit and the fans are disappointed but the craving for a simpler time keeps them from disemboweling the game developers.

Basically, this is just a show of respect to CAPCOM for actually giving the fans a proper remake, the game is awesome and the newly created standard will give a lot of food for thought to other companies, *wink wink* at whoever develops Zelda games, A link to the past remakes would be awesome.

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