I love anthem!

To clarify, that was an attempt at Clickbait, I havent event played Anthem yet – but if you are telling me Bioware doesnt know how to make a RPG game, then you are a lying whore, but so am I. The reason I will be buying Anthem in the belief that they will eventually fix the game turning it into a piece of art – this is Bioware people, I am almost certain Dragon Age Inquisition was a reason for me being underslept for about 3 weeks when it came out.

Is it Okay to release a unfinished game, no it is not – but they are owned or something by EA, possibly the most driven gaming company that releases games early to capitalise on market opportunity (sorry about that, i am a corporate douche). See you all in 6 months in the Anthem world, until then you can play The Division 2, its awesome. Below is a comparision of what we were promised and what was delivered in Anthem.

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