Hands up! put the controller down!

Perhaps the most debated statement when it comes to our beloved video games is “do video games make you violent?” I am not going to mention the terrorist attack that reinvigorated this debate, I don’t want to keep giving it life – I would forget that dude because he doesn’t deserve to go down in history for what he has done, not that we forget the tragedy or victims, just the man who enacted it.

I knew the accusation would come, “it’s those damn video games, you keep playing”, that what 3 people said to me, lets go back the first instance of this, the grandfather of “video games make you violent” the Columbine massacre and DOOM, apart from being one of the first high school massacre the killers played tons of DOOM and the game copped a hell of a beat down from the media, almost as if the DOOM guy was at columbine pulling the trigger alongside a bunch of tormented teens. The reason I always debate against this is if you blame video games for these terrorist attacks, school massacres or any acts of violence you are literally excusing the mental health factors and everything else associated with committing heinous acts of violence. I stand with all the victims of violence, trying to understand why this happens – just like the rest of you i get nervous when my phone gives me a news alert about another attack, hoping it wasn’t my city that copped it this time. I hold my controller watching it, people think it’s interchangeable with a pistol but I know it’s not.


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