Video games good?

Hello there fellow gamers, how goes the Tuesday? Mine just got better. I read a definite article about video games from a reputable media outlet. Nothing short of a miracle, but it was awesome to see someone go in swinging for video games, well not swinging but they do point them in a positive light. An article was written about video games helping people deal with specific mental issues, depression, anxiety and what not.

To have them be treated as a positive force in someone’s life is nothing short of a miracle, the article mentions Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice where the character has psychosis, and it is a central part of the game. To which I am posing the question, which game helps you deal with the crazy things in life, my list below has some suggestions.

Depression – The last of us

Anxiety – Dragon Age Inquisition

Stress – Total war series

Work Stress – Battlefield

SBS Article below,


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