Carry on my wayward son – I did and thank you.

I know, this is a gaming blog, so why is this post the title of a Kansas song? because an era is ending and damn it was a good ride! I would like to thank the creators and actors in Supernatural, your show never got too old, too stale, I thought it would never end, honestly have more faith in that show that the government – they never taxed me for no apparent reason.

I won’t turn into a crying child who just fell and scrapped the knee, crying so hard that snot is starting to cover my face.
It would be better than the average start to talk about where and when I fell in love with this show, I always heard about it from people but for all those years I never took notice, until eventually, down on my luck having moved back home with zero money and zero jobs equaling a lot of free time I decided to finally give this show a chance. Thank the lord I didn’t watch it before that because I got to smash like 10 seasons in a single long sitting!. Not sure if it was the stories, the acting or the music, but this show inspired and entertained me with every episode. For anyone who has not seen the show, do yourself a favor and go watch it, season 5 is so good I almost bought a Chevrolet and started hunting demons. I can see a lot of fans reacts to the news and it features the same theme, this show helped me through so much – I agree with the fans, if there was ever a show to inspire someone to keep fighting and moving forward, then it was Supernatural.

Thank you to the cast, the crew and especially to the actors and writers who brought those stories to life, maybe like in the show Sam, Dean, and Cas will somehow dodge death and come back to give us one more story.

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