Days gone, can’t come quick enough!

Good day, my fellow games, how have you been? I have been dapper – heading into some corporate trade event, so it is safe to say I will have a grand ole time, maybe by the end of the year, my but cheeks will once again unclench. I digress, how excited are you peeps for Days Gone? I am so happy I am pre-empting a sickie for the day, even though I am sure it’s a public holiday here, but a man’s gottta do what a mans gotta do. #thanksjesus, not only for giving your life for our sins but also for scoring my time with a new video game, also time away from work, which I never complain about.
I know I am going in a bit blind with this game, and from what I have seen from the trailers the characters are a little less than lovable at first sight, below are my first impression.
Biker dude,

Gruff biker dude who loves a woman, in the newest trailer she seems to have gone with the government, and he is left to do some action biker stuff if he weren’t I suppose there wouldn’t be much of a video game?.
Bikers love,

She’s blonde and rides away in a helicopter while biker dude is left to fend for himself, I thought that was a bit slack aye?, I mean you love the dude so scooch over so he can join you!
Bikers friend (slightly less gruff biker),

Biker dudes have biker dude friends, BFF blokes who drive up and down the country doing biker stuff. However in my state, the land of the free* and opportunity* this is actually against the law, a measure was taken by our government to stop crime – oddly enough it didn’t. Criminals are used to working around the law.
What do I know so far – in regards to the game, very little but PlayStation has placed a lot of faith in it, and the exclusives released for this Gen and the last have delivered, big time?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Great post 😁

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