Kevin makes next to nothing, same here bud.

If anyone fails on reporting about video games, its the Australian media – it’s about as relevant if you had me commenting on politics in Tajikistan, I would have no idea what is happening and would probably offend people, like they usually do.

“When video game streaming turns from dream to nightmare.” https://www.abc.net.au/life/the-dark-side-of-streaming-games-online/10895630

I am beginning to focus more on what the media has to say about video games rather than game blogging, but hey – someone has to defend our entertainment source. There was an article about game streaming and a bloke who did a video about how he has nothing because he devoted his life to Twitch streaming and in return, he got nothing out of it, no Girlfriend and just a lame experience. I am sorry dude, but this can happen in any job/dream pursuits, take me for example – I work in Marketing, I study Marketing after work, and it leaves me drained, and broke. Gaming, in my opinion, is still new, people who don’t game have no idea how to take it, as soon as they see someone struggling in life but also being a gamer they blame the video games. If it’s your hobby than thats why you’re struggling if yours trying to get paid for it then that’s why you are struggling. There are no guarantees in career; some people make millions opening a convenience store; some lawyers struggle to pay bills. I am just defensive because when the NZ shooting happened, the fact the shooter gamed was a held as a pillar for his reasoning behind shooting innocent people, somehow I refuse to believe you can go from DOTA to a massacre. Why do you think video games get a bad rep, leave me some comments and articles below.

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