Can’t quickly turn my head but I still got life in me!

Before reading, I’ll have to warn you – this is not about video games, I am well aware that this is a blog about gaming, but let’s take a knee and discuss studying in your thirties. Last night instead of chilling at home after a day at work I was receiving results for an assignment and presenting for another one, I am just really here to encourage studying later in life for growth and development. How do I do it? I sacrifice good ole sleep, its taken a hit before, my uni(college) days I would do an all-nighter to finish assignments, come into class and present with bags under my eyes bigger than most carried from a Woolies (grocery shop).
I am going to list some methods and things I do to keep on top of it all, to help you aspirationals hold down a full-time job, relationships and studying part-time – Those who have even more can also take note of the methods.

Sacrifice half a Saturday,
Yep, take Saturday, tie it up and put it on an altar. Spend your day in a library doing assignments, if it helps you can start a study group – I do that.


Learn to say no,
Nope, the headline is not about chastity but its actually about knocking back social events, nothing better than being in your thirties and knocking back a night at the pub to do an assignment – your friends will laugh and you’ll feel like an asshole, stay away from Social Media unless you want to see your friends having fun without you.


Cardi B is awesome,
Your classes will probably have younger people, I would encourage engagement with these twerking Cardi B listeners – conversations starters as follows, “Hey Dudes, have you heard that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are beefing about whos a better singer?”. Resist the urge to stab yourself at the irony of that sentence, It’s hard – I almost committed suicide discussing this.


You suck!
No, you don’t, if you fall behind or fail, do not start whipping yourself – it’s hard to juggle it all and if something falls through the cracks, don’t throw it all away with self hate for making a mistake. If you miss a class, fail an assignment, miss a date or miss a gym day – just remember there is time to better the situation and next week you can do better.


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