PS4, Switch, Xbox One & Apple?

Hello fellow gamers, let’s keep it short and sweet as I have to go to work, yeh that place where I do stuff and get paid, what kind of stuff you ask? stuff I am not qualified for my fellow gamers.

Apple arcade, what is it? it is a new game platform, the coming of age for mobile gaming – evolution is not just about an ambitious fish that came to land and became the awesome race we know today as humans, the race that put a man on the moon and at the same time has reference to truffle butter(do not google at work), we are truly a mixed bag of goodies. Basically, there was always too many mobile gamers for someone not to take advantage of it and create worthwhile games, kudos to apple for having foresight but also this is coming for Android. Two clever things are at play here and I hope they give more opportunity for indie developers to get a bigger footprint in the market, a Netflix subscription styled service and the coming of age for video games. I am eager to see what this means for the big developers, personally, I would like to see them get inspiration and expand their own horizons when developing video games.

I have listed some links below, let me know what you think in the comments – and remember, no pre-orders.

Apple arcade
Google arcade
Xbox game pass

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