Stadia, Stadia, Stadia.


Hello there fellow gamers!
When Google does something I pay attention, but then I realise I live in Australia which has the internet infrastructure that would have third world country internet denizens laughing at us, that kind of laughing where people almost vomit or pee themselves uncontrollably.

From what I gather this is game streaming, cloud-based technology that will no longer have us enslaved by our hardware – but once again, Australia’s internet – WARNING – I am about to get political, BUILD THE WALL! nah not really – build a better internet, If a refugee comes to Australia they might go back after their video buffers. Hard to get excited when you know that no matter how awesome this is you won’t be able to participate, this is a global scale version of being the dweeby kid that never gets picked to be on a team, maybe to play ill move to a third world country?.

Either way, I am very excited for those of you who will get this, let me know how it is once it comes out, I’ll just be here staring at my screen with a single tear trickling down my cheek as you all post reviews and enjoy the new era of video games – maybe they’ll be a bunch of gamer refugees fleeing from Australia, laptop in hand, thousands of us on a boat, begging for entry into your country, demanding Sausage Rolls and Meat Pies be added onto the menu. For not ill settle for the ad below.

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