Geek Week

Hello, there fellow gamers! What an awesome month this is for being a geek, I am just soaking in the awesomeness, let’s do a quick rundown of my next seven days.

Here we go! Wednesday night I will be watching Avengers Endgame at 9.40PM, I have the next day off for ANZAC day, for all the non-Australians and New Zealanders this is to celebrate the sacrifice our soldiers have made for our freedom. Friday we have Days Gone dropping, unfortunately, I have to work so I will be getting the game on Saturday, thoroughly disappointed that I have to work, the zombie horde will have to wait for me to finish my 9-5. Finally, we have Game of Thrones rolling on, awesome episodes so far **spoilers** even that bit of pedophilia at the end of the last episode, big fan of morally shady sex scenes in GoT but the one we got last night was a bit too shady for me. Let me know what is making your geek week so good, is there something I am missing?. Let me know in the comments below.

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