I am stressed

Hello, there fellow gamers! hope this week is treating you well because it’s being stressful for me, its hard being into GoT, Marvel and playing days gone, seriously I am struggling to keep my composure as my favorite characters are under threat!. I will not reveal any spoilers so do not stop reading, but seriously it would suck to have the last name Stark for the past week – everyone wants you dead.

But this is not about the most awesome geek week in a while, its about one of the components. Yes, my fellow gamers this is about Days Gone, the first three hours. two things to note, this game is stressful, no spoilers but you run out of petrol a lot and there are tons of Zombies, the bastards chase you a lot and the cardio on your character is not all that at the beginning. this game is actually good, but it’s not – why do I say that? well because the game is in a category that is really bloody demanding, the gunplay is good, the story is good, the character is on point, very well acted, but it’s in the category of the last of us, uncharted and god of war. putting this into perspective, I am a smart dude but if you made me compete with the Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, I would begin to look pretty average – either way, I don’t have to compete with those dudes so I am still smart!.


Gameplay and story are good and the world is freaking huge and epic, play but monitor your petrol!.

Its just good, we wanted it to be freaking awesome.

I recommend you buy it, I think this game could be one of the top tens of 2019 and its a great start for the Studio.

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  1. I started up Days Gone and essentially got through the tutorial section and had to stop. I was so beyond stressed out just sneaking around. The tense factor is through the roof for me. I really need to get back to it.

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