Three week long sickie

Hello, there fellow gamers! its time for me to take a three-week long sickie (leave) from my job and go traveling in Europe, its to fix the first world problem of feeling like I haven’t seen enough, i got world FOMO?!
I will run you through my trip and I will spend time blogging about the visits and uploading some photos, I will be in Italy and Spain, I feel so in tune with the world, my next tattoo will be a compass on my sexy thighs – that was sarcasm! I am a pretty hairy dude and a tattoo on my thighs would probably turn most women lesbian and reaffirm most men as straight. Do you guys follow any travel bloggers? its always a hot girl/dude in a cool location just being like dude check out my life, you non six pack having dweebs!. I, however, will not be like that, the hairy thighs are followed by an equally hairy gut.
Rome – Etzio inspired
Florence – Etzio inspired
Venice – Etzio inspired
Naples – oldest pizzeria
Messina – home of gelato?
Barcelona – wearing my Liverpool jersey
Palma De Mallorca – beachside getaway, flexing thigh and gut

That is not me and my girlfriend, that bun though!


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