GoT The Game! Ride dragons and relatives (just joking)

Hello, there fellow gamers! I have to warn everyone, this has spoilers in it. Imagine strutting into Westeros, wielding a sword and some potions and messing shit up! GoT is a show fit to be adapted into a video game, I would enjoy the battles, exploration, and story – honestly, apart from the incest, the show is built to be transported over to a video game. Riding a dragon, freeing the slaves, carving out your destiny, then hitting X to bring your nephew to climax, awkward all around – probably be an R18 game.
The way I envision this game is that it would be part Dragon Ago, part Skyrim and part the Walking Dead (or better zombie games).
On another topic, who has been watching GoT? the last episode was a bit awful in content not that anything is wrong with it – Big spoiler alert! how much do people regret naming their child after Khalesi, Danni or for those particularly crazy fans, mother of dragons!. She killed everyone, women, children, men and an incestuous couple who I thought she would at least emphasize with all things considered.

For all the GoT fans, can we try and guess what happens next – who will be King, is Khalesi a mad queen?.


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