Crunch time – 100 hour work week

Hello, there fellow games! We all work, usually we do some overtime those of us on salary do it for free – I would say a 40 hour week for me is typical, added in with study around 46 – 50 hours. What does that have to do with anything? Well I have read some articles talking about “crunch time” at video game offices, this has said people will do 100 hour weeks to get a game out on time, this also comes from Rockstar, so its not a small operation trying to rise – reason I am mentioning this is there is bad news in the gaming industry. I am going to break it down, sorry if I don’t go into in-depth details I just needed to get this out there, good or bad – we participate in this industry, let’s not close our eyes when shitty things happen, or we will have a Weinstein situation.
Dudes who made Detroit Become Human photoshopped employees in compromising positions, the dude who runs the company that makes Borderlands kept porn on a USB and showed it to his employees, riot games (LoL) employees have a walkout due to an epidemic of sexism. There it is, our industry has some shittiness to deal with, its already there so let’s do better – unlike other entertainment industries we tend to be judged more harshly due to the online connectivity element and the age of our participants which can be quite young.
I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this, what’s the best way to move forward? Are people like me nieve to think gaming can be better than the others?.

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