Part 2: Florence with a hint of Venice

Hello, there fellow gamers, its time for part 2 of my trip – I walked in the footsteps of the late great Etzio Auditore da Firenze.
I will do my best to make an analogy of Rome in comparison to Florence, Rome is the big older brother, always trying to do better, he was excellent at sport while Florence painted, he conquered and changed the world while Florence chilled and stayed out of the spotlight. Now his glory has faded, he has become bloated and still brags about the time he ruled the known world. Florence though has blossomed into a fine young man, a home to artists, writers and most of all, free from street vendors!

I told my partner that you visit Rome because you have to, but you come to Florence because you want to! enjoy the ill Duomo, look at Davids penis, aka the first ever dick pic. Imagine sending a statue of yourself, so you can show your junk, months of posing naked, importing marble and yeh – she says her exes was bigger!

Wander the streets, go to the first place you play as Etzio, look over the Duomo, visit the square where his brother and dad are murdered, go to the Medici manor – go all out, geek!. Enjoy the softer tone of the city and get yourself lost in what is one of the most romantic places in Italy.

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