Bit of Messina, Barcelona & Mallorca.

Hello there fellow gamers, I got a bit busy and frankly lazy and did not contribute to the blog as much as I should have, but hey guys – staring at a beautiful beach munching Messina ice cream you tend to forget about writing in your blog.
As mentioned in the sentence above – Messina has incredible ice cream selection, in the land of Oz we have an ice cream company called Messina and this should no surprise to you, have some ice cream. I had an ice cream sandwich, and it changed my life, by bringing me a tiny inch closer to diabetes, but what an excellent ride it will be. Being real though as a tip for Messina, stay close to the port, you can venture out to the islands surrounding it and get a lot of exploring done for a relatively low price, and tickets can be easily purchased at the counters in the port. Be warned that ferry comes a few times in the day, and if you miss it, you will be homeless on an island. The city has some impressive sights you need to check out and is a great place to relax, check out Taormina.
Barthelona! I have a soft spot for this place, it was where the street vendors left us alone, and we got to explore the city sights without being impeded, we did the usual touristy stuff – flying with Vueling airlines was not that bad – if I have to travel budget, definitely recommend them. We did have some delays, but it was all resolved, the budget is still budget. I would recommend smashing out the touristy stuff in the first few days and spend some time relaxing – I chose a place out of the city so it would be easier to unwind after a day of exploring, the suburb is called Mataro and has its cute charm.
Palma De Mallorca, imagine me awkwardly trying to say that in my Australian accent, making it sound Spanish using wrong Antonio Banderas impressions. The city is the exact opposite of that, it’s lovely and naturally beautiful, with a very chilled vibe – the only downer was the hotel, do not stay at Hotel Amic Horizonte. Those 3 stars were not earned, and they have no right to display them, for a full review, please visit Booking.com and view the most recent review, its funny.

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