Naples – 4 nights of food and fear,

Hello, there, fellow gamers! I might not know much, but I know how to spot a rough area, coming from relative poverty you learn to spot the signs, hustlers and desperate people that make up a bad part of town. Arriving in Napoli Central, you will get that vibe. I saw a few homeless people, a few hustlers, and the one definite in a rough area – a tough looking stray dog. The kind of dog that seen some shit, been some places, fucked up a few tourists. Apart from the stray dog, we met a nice dude who ran a coffee shop who gave us a few hints and tips on getting around but warned me to tuck away my chain and be careful of small alleyways.
All that might have made it sound bad, but honestly it has been the highlight of my trip, the best food so far and the friendliest people. You will get a choice of either the best pizza in Naples or the oldest pizzeria in Naples – I ate at both, and my opinion is that the best wins. If island hopping is your thing try to stay near the port, it’s a pretty efficient way to get around and its cheaper, while the touristy tramvitalia and the sort do offer shuttle services I would take it with a grain of salt, when we ventured to Amalfi and then Positano we spent most of the time on a shuttle bus fearing it would tip and kill us all. Take the ferry you won’t regret it!. Apart from avoiding shuttle buses and that this place can be a little rough I would also suggest a four-day stay, giving you time to unwind and take in the islands – also be sure to try out the food, il Pomodorino is also a great place to eat. Take care, and tuck your chain, son!

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