Keanu Reeves – He could actually cheer up a funeral.

Hello there fellow gamers, my first post since returning from Europe, so yes – I currently drive a scooter, drink coffee instead of water, dress well, and I refuse to pay appropriate taxes to the government and have sold all my important industry to Germany. The best place in my house is currently occupied by Germans who bought all the best sites.
So E3, apparent from Keanu Reeves being a character in Cyberpunk nothing else really caught my eye – I didn’t get to attend the event so I can’t speak from personal experience but I did my best googling and did not find anything worth mentioning, we did see a Marvel Avengers game that also looked kind of cool. Can I get some gamer help here, send me some excellent news from E3, or it seems like Playstation not attending did affect their news output?

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