Late to the party, I just bought Anthem

Hello, there fellow gamers. I finally did it – I went out and purchased Anthem, heavily discounted and abandoned by its fan base I decided to get into it, I am delayed – like EA should be with its video games, relax and wait, make sure its ready dammit!

I won’t do the full first three review, and I honestly jumped in for like one hour if you will lend me your eyes for a quick read. I like the game, I like the story so far, but that’s pretty much with anything Bioware does when it comes to story. I love the jumping around, the fight mechanics are pretty good, and I am looking forward to delving deeper into it. But alas I waited a long time to get this game and honestly from all the feedback my friends gave me, but it is heavily discounted and by now all the kinks have been worked out of the game, should I have to wait a few months after a game is released? No – but in this extremely competitive market, it’s becoming a part of the norm.

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