Gaming is not fat free

Hello, there fellow gamers, as I recline on my chair chilling and making the minimal physical effort – This is more of an opinion piece than anything else when it comes to stereotypes than gamers have it pretty bad, think about it, being judged for your form of entertainment.

The recent article is about gaming and the links to obesity, either way, and it is a very educated medical professional who makes a compelling case. However, I would be remiss to disregard the article completely, as a chubster of a dude – my muscles are strategically hidden under some fat. However! I think this slowly comes from stereotypes, and you know the one, the antisocial internet troll spending his time making trump memes and playing LoL. But recently I was presenting in class on a fictional video game festival with a focus on showing the industry off to people who aren’t necessarily gamers.

Think about it, not only about the newest games but about the stories, the art, and music that come from video games – when you buy a ticket get a half price one to encourage you bringing along a non-gamer with you. Point being, we are the industry overtaking all others – I think we should do more to invite others in, any thoughts? Leave me a comment or event hate; it’s all good.

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