Too pretty to be a Witcher?

Hello there fellow gamers, I have to say I am excited – even though I have to go work in like thirty minutes the excitement is very much real, the witcher is coming to Netflix! Did you see the first images, I will of course leave them on here for those who haven’t, or even those who aren’t that excited by it. I wont lie but I am not actually sure at what point the Netflix adaptation is set, pretty sure there still will be killing of Monsters and wicked men to keep us entertained, based on the logo it looks like it will be focused on Geralt, Yennefer and Siri – the wolf, the star and the sparrow. But for some reason Geralt is only wielding one sword, ummm come on guys – silver for monsters and steel for the other monsters, aka the good ole humans. My other beef is that they all look too pretty – I only have the games for reference, but all the characters look rough and battle-hardened, they all have scars, but in Netflix, they seem to be polished. Now I am always the eternal optimist, and I hope for the best, but Netflix needs to rough up these characters and give Geralt another sword! It’s a massive part of the plot.  As a fan writing this, I hope they do justice to the series, I think they just need to keep in mind that the Witcher world is dark and gritty – not Hollywood at all. Let me know what you think in the comments, can this book become a good show – GoT did it maybe the Witcher can too.



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  1. While I do agree that Cavill is a bit too pretty to be a witcher, Geralt does not yet have his scar in the book the Netflix show is based on. And if I remember correctly, he doesn’t carry both his swords at the same time in the books, either (I think he leaves the silver one with Roach if it’s not needed).
    I do wonder why they made Ciri look so grown-up, though. At this point in the timeline, she would have been a young child.

    • Awesome! Thank you for clarifying that, I unfortunately did not read the books. I do hope the Netflix series will be good – so much awesome stories to turn into episodes and seasons.

      Do you think they’l do a good job of the show?

      • I’m in the process of reading the books myself, so I’m also still heavily influenced by the games. I still picture a scarred Geralt, even while reading.
        I honestly have no idea what to expect from this show. I can’t picture almost any of the casted actors in their respective roles, but I’m trying to reserve judgment until I see if their acting can make up for their appearance.
        I want it sooo badly to be good, though!

      • Yeh same here! Hopefully we get what we want 😁

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